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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sunshine breaks through

No Tantrums on monday or Tuesday.  Tuesday I left him with Childminder for first time. He had a wonderful time playing with another slightly older boy.  They put wooden train tracks together apparently. His sister has been pretty good, although today she came home from school and tried to take over all the building bricks to make a roman mosaic - of course her brother thought she wanted to play with him and continued his building up and knocking down game to her extreme annoyance.  I don't know why she wants to play with his younger toys and then gets cross that he wants to as well. I guess I am not managing their interactions very well.  Parenting courses seem so much about one to one interactions parent to child, not very real world! I need more help with the sibling side of things. How to stop them to competing for my attention and help them to enjoy a relationship with each other. How do you learn or teach being family? E really responded to descriptive commentary today, but still indifferent to praise. A not very well today but quite stoic about it. I am keeping her off school tomorrow. I really hope they can get along.

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