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Monday, 27 June 2011

The Blogger Unpacked

We have moved. We have unpacked - and then hastily  repacked some of our boxes ready  to move again. Next move to our very first home of our own. If we could just come to a decision about where . . .  E now 2 has been much better with fewer tantrums, A becoming increasingly independent  just had her 9th birthday. The party was great - her friends are good ones who really do like her. We must be doing something right. The parenting group "Quorum" which stayed the course has stayed in touch and we are meeting up fairly often at a toddler group. The children are lovely.  Have made some good friends here.  I am ending this blog at this point feeling that I learnt something on the way, gained some new friendships and discovered that how we feel our parenting is less relevant than whether our children are happy confident in themselves and when they lack confidence or feel unhappy they know that they can come to us and we will know what to say or do.  When they come to us in that way and we have no clue, that's when a parenting course helps as much because of the peer support as because of the content. The rewards and praising were slow burn, but praise is really working with E now and he even self praises - eg he passed me some washing to hanging on the line and said "Well done, Good helping with the washing" He's happier and settled in this house at last but it has taken the full two months and the realisation that he can go by ride on car to the children's centre and the park to do it.