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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Its February 2011 but I am not 100 per cent sure what exact day it is.

I'm eating humble pie today (slightly over done and burnt at the edges) because I had a big self righteous row with DH last night. I really lost my temper because when we were talking about holiday plans the date of Edward's birthday came up.  "I know when my son was born!" I shouted " I remember every excruciating minute of his birth!  I can't forget when he was born!! We moved the day before.  I am certain he was born on 25th April and you are just WRONG!" und so weiter und so weiter . . . increasingly hysterical and apalled at my husband being such a poor father he could get the date wrong.

But, dear reader, it was me that was wrong.  With considerable restraint he handed me the notes from the birth so I could see that each excruciating minute (of which there were only about 70) was on Sunday, April 26th 2009 not Sunday April 25th which is just a fiction of mine. Another helping of humble pie and though its good for me I really don't like it.

The worrying thing is I don't recall when I got this wrong first.  Have I registered the correct date with the doctors? His child minder? His family will presumably know. What about Godparents and friends of the family??  Is this the only erroneous belief I have been holding?  Are there many more? 

Forgetting TD days or PE Kit or sending A in uniform when everyone else is wearing what they like pale next to this. I am struggling to maintain hold on my few remaining marbles (my brother gave me a beautiful carved wooden pot to hold my marbles, but come to think of it, I can't think when he gave it to me, though I do know it is on the mantel piece in the living room.

Time to fight Edward into the buggy for the school run and I would really rather not.  Parent strategies for this? Um, just that he can't fight too hard with hands full. A snack in advance and clean nappy hopefully he'll just comply and nod off. Wish me luck or pray as takes your fancy. I'm pretty sure I remember where A goes to school and when she's due to leave. Best take her a snack too to avoid strops, its a cold walk home.

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