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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Better week

One big tantrum on thursday night when Chris did not get back til 7 45pm. Apart from that not bad at all. Different kind of week though - Edward had his first reguar child minding session with childminder he already knows well, his friend was away for half of this week (a friend who tends to be quite huggy which non tactile Edward is not that keen on) and he had more of me than expected since the parenting course was cancelled.  I dropped him off and arrived at the Children's Centre for 9.15 again impressed to find I was on time only to read a note on the door that it was cancelled. Strangely though the door was opened and I was offered a biscuit by a staff member who said she couldn't run the course on her own and that both she and her colleague were ill. They both called in sick, but since she was less sick she decided to come in any way.

That made no sense to me, but I was pretty certain I didn't want to take the biscuit.  Since it was cancelled I went back for Edward but he was very happy with the Childminder not keen to leave

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