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Sunday, 30 January 2011

About Tantrums

Called Charlotte today, she is so lovely and calming.  Her response to my opener of "Lots of tantrums this week" was "Children or grown ups??"

She related some tales of tantrums I have known, including a toddler who took off his clothes and nappy and threw them over the stairgate when he was supposed to be in bed, of creativity with nappy cream and hand prints etc. All horribly normal.

The screaming so DH tells me, does not get under his skin. It has no effect on him. To test this theory I left the room when one was in full swing about having been brought to the table and strapped in to the high chair when he wanted to carry on playing with his bricks. (He was making trees out of them, very thin ones for the trunks and very thick ones for the leaves and branches. Looked like upside down towers but was impressed by the fine motor skills involved.  I can totally see why he resented the interruption, but you have got to eat!?

Tried the ignoring of the screaming. And praising when he calmed down, but he really hates praise. It makes him worse. So I left the room completely. He was ignored (tantrumming or quiet) and in ten minutes he was asleep.  Husband regards himself as a much better parent than me.

Tantrums have been worse since he has been on milk free diet since what seemed to me to be an allergy flare up a week ago. He is more energetic generally and is also refusing to sleep in the day though undisturbed nights of up to 13 hours have also occured.

Have been praising both children, Aslana loves it and preens. Edward is irritated by it. He's not that bothered by cuddles either.

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