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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Things that did not come in the Post

1. Reader's Digests' Cheque for £125,000 - would be so handy about now.  Must surely be delayed. I   mean they keep promising it so it should arrive any day I am sure. May be the postman nabbed it??!

2. A list of houses to let.  In the old days when we registered with agents they'd be in touch by phone or letter weekly at least.  Now they just say - check the internet, can't you?

3. An apology from the landlord or any explanation as to why we are in this crisis

4. Chocolate or tea bags

5. The Birthday Card my sister did not post in January or February but promised she did intend to come March . . .

6.  A note from The Lord to indicate exactly what the plan is.  I am aware we have the Bible but its not so handy on the finer practical points of items such as "The Lord will Provide" in our experience it does tie in with Seek first the Kingdom (ie despite pressing needs arising in your life, consider needs of others ahead of your own) and also Trust - (eg about to give birth with nowhere to go?  Don't worry - there is a stable just around the corner - expect provision around about 6 hours before labour . . .)

7. Selflessness and patience. Really low on these about now. Especially when DH is finding fault with remaining options that I think would be good enough. Little one is poorly - I don't want to have anything to do but comfort him and see him well but time taken for this seems stolen from peace of mind about the move.

8.  An apology for the guilt that Dr Webster Stratton ladles on - if your child has any faults they are victims of your inabilities and incompetencies parents! If any qualities of which you are proud these are from correct implementation of the webster stratton method. There is good stuff in there, don't get me wrong but she's as warm as a cold fish and sees everything as a transaction - love and affection are deposits in a Child's piggy bank of self esteem, time outs are temporary withdrawals to gain control.  I think there are truths in what she has to say but the style of saying it really needs some work.  There is too much focus on achieving "correct behaviours" and too little on happiness and strength of relationship - building trust etc.  A warmer read with similar basic concepts about investing positives to produce happiness and self esteem is here

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