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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Things in the post

1. A letter confirming references cleared.
2. Incredible Years Parenting Book by Dr /Ms??  Webster Stratton
3. A letter confirming Aslana has a place at the new school
4. A letter explaining that the Landlord has withdrawn the property  to which we were planning to move.
5. Junk mail promising a very stripy green lawn
6. Junk mail extolling the new dance phenomenon Zumba as a way for singles to meet.

Am thinking stripy and green lawn over rated as a way to enrich life.  Am relieved to finally understand what Zumba is - had been in my outer consciousness as something new.

When these new words arise its like an unfinished crossword in my brain turning over too much as to what significance it may have. No significance at all as it turns out except to make me feel grateful that I am not single and eager to be loved,  but surrounded by a loving family and not required to learn dance moves to earn their devotion.

Almost everything is as irrelevant as the junk mail when compared to the recent catastrophes in the world. Perspective is restored as to how priveleged I am to have my family together under one roof even if I don't own that roof and arbitrarily we can be asked to move to another - we'll still be together and that is a huge blessing. 

A few weeks from now I may need reminding of that point, but for now experiencing compassion for others over self pity. Am singing a lot of nonsense songs lately to the point that the children are now asking me to sing about anything that pops into their heads on demand.  "Sing Tiger song, Mummy" for example.  Maybe I do have to perform to impress them after all, but its easier than Zumba I should think!

Speaking of impressive performances now have no trouble with shoes or hand holding by the road - Edward I am so proud of you and thank you Dr Webster Stratton my interpretation of your suggestions and persistence are successful - though not perfectly implemented as per your method you did help me think about it.

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